Kilted Krew Update

Posted by  Neil  May 10, 2019

Kilted Krew Update

May 10, 2019 at 3:10 PM

Less than a 100 days!

With less than 100 days until we set off for the adventure of a lifetime, follow us on social media (@kiltedkrew and The Kilted Krew – 24th World Scout Jamboree). Tick off the days with every UK unit with the UK Contingent’s countdown videos.

Do not worry – there is still time to support us by being a Friend of the Jamboree! 

The Not-A-Mystery-Anymore Mystery Trip

You will be astonished to learn that we did not go to Oban! Instead we packed our five-day adventure with trains, buses, ferries and quite a bit of walking, not helped by the 20km hike! Though we did learn that hiking in the flat countryside of the Netherlands, 20km does not feel quite as bad as 20km in the Pentlands. Then again, frustration at cryptic instructions happens wherever you are in the world.

A particular highlight was experiencing a normal Dutch scout camp. It was fun to enjoy traditional sack racing, archery and shuffleboard alongside a very contemporary campfire.

A huge deal of thought and effort went into planning and running the camp. We are extremely grateful to our Dutch host who treated us with the greatest levels of hospitality.

The adventure was fantastic, both in its own right and in preparing us for the jamboree. It was topped off with an excursion through Amsterdam giving us a flavour of the city, mainly in the form of sugar-packed sprinkles!

So where are we going?

After the dazzling heights of the New York skyscrapers, the sophisticated elegance of Washington DC, and the sweaty camping of the World Scout Jamboree we can now revel we are also heading off to Fraser Valley, British Columbia! This is extremely exciting, it giving us the opportunity to experience even more international scouting and guiding.

Friends of the Jamboree!

A Friend of the Jamboree makes a donation of £25 whilst receiving one of our snazzy unit badges and previews of all our newsletters and videos plus some extra goodies along the way.

If you know anyone interested our JustGiving page is: or they can follow the donate button our public Facebook page (The Kilted Krew - 24th World Scout Jamboree). They must also fill out the google form so we know their details for posting things!  


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