Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme


› What is the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme?

Scouting should allow all our members to experience a wide range of activities.  However some activities require additional knowledge, skills and experience to deliver in a safe and engaging manner.  The Permit Scheme allows leaders to deliver these activities within a scouting context.  To find out more see the Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme page on the Scouts website.


› What activities need Permits?

Activities in which it is acknowledged that that there is a greater risk to those involved are covered by the permit scheme.  The list of Adventurous Activities is available on the Scouts website.  If you are planning an activity, it's worth checking if it's on this list.  If it is you will need a leader with a permit to allow you to run the session.  (There are exceptions, for example if you get a qualified professional from an external organisation to run the session.)


› Do I need a Permit?

To run activities listed on the list of Adventurous Activities requires a permitted leader to be responsible for the activity.  This could be leaders in your group (perhaps from different sections), or leaders from elsewhere, if you do not hold a current permit. 

Some activities can be done in a limited manner without holding a permit if you have relevant experience.  For example low-level 'hillwalking' in Terrain Zero, or watersports on Class C waters.  Discuss this with your GSL, as a level of competence is required (and may need to be demonstrated) before your DC will allow these activities to run.


› How to find members with Permits?

You can view the current permit holders in the Forth Region via Compass: Hover over the magnifying glass - select 'Find Members' - 'Permit Holder Search' - then under location select 'Scotland, Scotland, Forth - Scotland.


› How do I get a Permit?

Depending on your experience you may need to attend relevant training and assessment.  If you have relevant qualification from the activity Governing body then you may have already demonstrated the necessary skills for a permit to be awarded.  The process is described on the Scout website.

Your permit only becomes valid after assessor approval, DC approval, and it is recorded on Compass.  Only once it appears on Compass is your Activity Permit valid.  Compass is the only official record of valid permits. 


› How do I renew a Permit that is about to expire?

Complete the permit renewal form.  This should include a 'log book' record of activity sessions you have run, or helped at in the last 5 years.  The relevant assessor will use this information to arrange for permit renewal (which can include reassessment where deemed necessary).


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