Ongoing Learning

The needs of Leaders, Managers and Supporters are constantly changing, so to do a good job for our young people it's important that Leaders, Managers and Supporters are always learning and refining their skills.

The final act of a Training Adviser is to agree the learner’s ongoing development for the first year. Monitoring progress through the review process then becomes the responsibility of the learner's line manager.

Over the period of appointment learners are required to complete an average of five hours' ongoing learning each year.

Mandatory Ongoing Learning


Although the on-going learning hours you are required to complete each year can be any number of things, there are also some specific on-going learning requirements which some adult members must complete. Any adult member who holds an appointment for which an appointment review is required must complete two specific pieces of mandatory on-going learning every three years:









Leaders, Managers and Supporters in Scouting must also hold a current first aid qualification at the time of gaining their Wood Badge and at the appointment renewal. However, they are required to keep their qualification up to date at all times.

The minimum standard for this qualification is First Response, but higher levels of qualification are needed if delivering first aid training or leading certain kinds of adventurous activities. This provision will ensure a minimum standard of first aid knowledge and training across the Movement.

First Aid


Small Group

Other Learning Opportunities


The average five hours ongoing learning that Leaders, Managers and Supporters are expected to complete can cover a range of different courses, subjects and interests.  The only requirement for ongoing learning is that Leaders, Managers and Supporters can use it in a Scouting capacity.  Why not look at the Scout Website to see what courses are available?

Adventurous Activity Permit


Another option for Leaders to complete the five hours ongoing learning is to work towards an Adventurous Activity Permit.  With a long list of permits available, Leaders not only complete the ongoing learning hours required of them, but can also enhance the activities that are offered to our young people.  Further information about the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme can be found on the Scout Website.

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