Programme, Activities & Links

During the day activities will be released here for you to run with the participants

In between the scheduled activities we have set further 30 challenges for people to take part in during the day.

You can download the PDF here

If you get between 0 and 10 then you achieve bronze level, 11 - 20 you achieve silver and 21 - 20 you achieve gold. 

Remember to post photos throughout the day on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag them with #FRFunday. If you don't use social media then you can email them to and we will put them on the website and social media for you. 

09:00 - Opening Ceremony and Build Shelters

Welcome to the Forth Region Scouts Virtual Funday Camp. During the event there will be lots of activities for you to take part in, but first lets open the event. 

To watch the opening ceremony click here. 


Once you have finished the opening ceremony please build you shelter for the night. This could be to pitch your tent, build a den or tidy your room / make your bed. 

We will see you back at 10am. 

10:00 - Live Link with New Zealand Scouting


Head over to the Regions Zoom account, where you can speak to scout leaders from New Zealand, who will also be teaching us a campfire song. 

If you want to ask a question you can do so via the chat box. 

You can download the presentation from Jo by clicking here. 


At the end of the meeting please stay tuned as we will be setting up the rest of the activities for the morning. 

10:30 - 13:00 - Activity Time 

When you are not taking part in the Barrwood Challenge you have lots of other activities that you can take part in. Key challenges that you can do between 10:30 and 13:00 are listed below. Don't forget to eat your lunch in this time as well. 

If you have finished then there are lot of other little challenges that you can do across the day. Click here to download them all. 


Design a Badge for this Funday Camp


By taking part across the day you will be given a badge, the only issue is that we have not designed it yet! 

This is your opportunity to put pen to paper and show us what you think it should look like. It must include the following:

  • Forth Region Funday or #FRFunday
  • June 2020

The rest is up to you. 

All entries should be emailed to - don't worry you can send us your photo. 

We will then choose one badge from them all to be the official badge of the Funday. 


Make a Sandwich


It is coming up to lunch so you need to make it for yourself. Only problem is we want you to do this with one hand behind your back. No cheating. 

Remember to post a photo of you making it, and your amazing creation on our social media platforms using the #FRFunday. 


Build Your Campfire 

You will need to build your fire for tonight. Not all of you will be able to go outside so be creative. 

You may get some ideas here. 


10:30 - Barrwood Challenge (Beavers)

You are going on a hike around Barrwood, where the Funday has traditionally taken place. Click on the section below to download the powerpoint. 



Countryside Code Video 

11:15 - Barrwood Challenge (Cubs)

You are going on a hike around Barrwood, where the Funday has traditionally taken place. Click on the section below to download the powerpoint. 


12:00 - Barrwood Challenge (Scouts, Explorer Scout and Scout Network)

You are going on a hike around Barrwood, where the Funday has traditionally taken place. Click on the section below to download the powerpoint. 


13:00 - Float your boat


The challenge is for you to make a boat which will hold a can of beans (or similar) without sinking. The participants can use whatever materials they have to hand. Once they have built their boat then they can see if it floats in their sink, bath or paddling pool. Ask them to video their boats on their phones (where possible) and send them to the regional social media accounts using the #FRScouts.

Download this PDF for more information.

14:00 - Scavenger Hunt


Solve the clues to figure out what it is that you are to hunt for. Remember that you only have 1 hour to complete the challenge.

Come back to your zoom meeting with your items to see how you all got on. Who has the most unusual items?

Click here to download

15:00 - Care for Care Homes


The Scout Association has always been there for their communities. One community that has been badly hit during Covid-19 is our care homes. Watch the video from Scout Headquarters and let participants get creative to remind care homes they are not forgotten.

Click here to view the video

16:00 – Family Quiz


Login to the region Zoom meeting and take part in the family quiz. Everyone is welcome to participate.

The quiz will use kahoot to submit your answers, no need to sign up or sign in, just go to and enter the PIN code to start. The PIN code will be issued by the quiz master at the start of the quiz.

It is recommended that you use Kahoot on a separate device (phone, tablet etc) than what you are watching zoom on.


16:30 – 19:00 – Dinner time


Time to have dinner with your families. If you would like to challenge yourself more then why not cook outside, with a BBQ or on a wooden fire. Please check our guidelines around local by-laws regarding fires as some local authorities are not permitting fires due to the smoke causing issues with respiratory conditions, such as Covid-19.

Why not take some time at this point to make your campfire? Your campfire can be real, a model or virtual. Models can be made from wood, lego, coloured paper, get creative and and share your ideas with us.

19:00 – Campfire


Visit our Youtube channel and check out the campfire. 

Sing out loud and challenge yourselves to see if you can remember the song you were taught this morning from New Zealand.

We’d love to see photos of you taking part! #FRFunday or post videos to TikTok

Click here to view the campfire video

20:00 – Story Time


It is now time to relax with a story from our friend from the USA. Visit our Youtube channel to view the story. You can watch this together via zoom, or simply send members off to view the link and then come back to discuss – maybe over supper?

Click here to view the video 

21:00 – 21:30 – Supper


Join your zoom meeting and check in with your friends to see how they have enjoyed their day with a hot chocolate in hand. What did they enjoy most?

21:30 – Leaders Social (over 18’s only)


Leaders are welcome to join the regional zoom (separate meeting details) for some social time, have a chat and a drink and catch up. Sorry it can’t be in person, but it’s the best we could do!

09:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast Time


Join your zoom meeting and share your breakfast.

Everyone has been set the challenge of making the stalwart of scouting breakfasts – Eggy Bread.

Click here to download a how to video (Thanks to Rosyth District for allowing us to use their video!)

Alternatively you can follow this easy to guide:

  • Crack 3 eggs into a flat dish (big enough to fit a slice of bread into) and add seasoning. 
  • Add milk to the dish and mix the eggs and milk together. 
  • Put a little oil into a frying pan and heat until the oil is hot. 
  • Soak both sides of the bread in the egg / milk mixture. 
  • Fry the bread and serve. 

10:00 – Scouts Own / Closing Ceremony


Join your zoom meeting for scouts own.

Click here for Scouts Own

Closing remarks from Lenny Jamieson, Regional Commissioner

The Scouts Own will be streamed live on the Regional Zoom. 


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