How it Works

The virtual funday camp can be run in several ways. 

The main option for individuals is that you take part in the Regions Zoom meetings at the relevant times and we can set up the next challenge for you. Full instructions will be emailed out and will be available to download from the website. Links and information will be sent to the email account that you register with. 

The second option, which is more suitable for sections/groups is to sign up as a group and host the camp yourself. The Scout Association have linked with Zoom for all groups, districts and regions so creating an account will not cost you anything. 

If you wish to run your own Zoom session then all of the materials and links will be emailed to you before the session begins (around 30mins before) and you can set it up with your young people and then check back in with them. Videos will be posted on YouTube/Website and made live as required.

It should be noted that there will be a few times where we will ask you to login to the regions Zoom due to the nature of the programme. 

There are instructions on how to use Zoom and setting up here

You can also check out the scout associations support here. 

Kit List


We have tried to ensure that we do not need an extensive kit list for the event. The following is recommended for the day:

Somewhere to sleep – this can be a bed, stuff to build a den with or a tent. Whatever you have to available.

Meals – we have not specified what people are to make for any meals, in great detail. We have a sandwich making challenge and also Eggy Bread for breakfast on the Sunday. Therefore you will require eggs, milk and bread for this breakfast.

Craft Materials – just what you have lying about the house. There are a few challenges that may require your inner Blue Peter, but so long as you have some sticky tape and imagination you should be fine.

Apps – It is an online camp and we recommend the following apps to take part in a few of the challenges.

  • Kahoot –, this is for the family quiz, check with your child as they may use it in school. We will provide you with the code at the start of the quiz.
  • What 3 Words –, an interactive way to engage with some of our challenges
  • TikTok – not essential, but if you would like to show us some of your dance moves then please send them to our account (Forth Region Scouts).

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