Minibus Licence

The opportunity for leaders to transport young people to venues to participate in the Scouting programme be it camping or activities could for some be made considerably easier if the had D1 on their DVLA licence to allow them to drive a minibus with up to 16 passengers and possibly D1 + E allowing a trailer also to be towed.

Funds are available externally and from The Scout Association UK and Scouts Scotland however the region believe we should actively support financially leaders who wish to become trained and run an existing programme. 

Funds available within the region are limited but we are keen to help our young people can get the best opportunities possible through our trained leaders and these along with a district application if appropriate should be applied for prior to applying to the region.

We will welcome applications for grants for training and assessment from an approved supplier.

 A member of the region’s financial subcommittee will contact you to discuss and support your application.


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