Important updates to safety and safeguarding training.

Posted by  Neil  May 26, 2020

Important updates to safety and safeguarding training.

May 26, 2020 at 6:19 AM

As part of our work to keep everyone safe in Scouts, we’re making a number of important changes to our safety and safeguarding training modules. We're sharing these changes in detail with Training Managers/Assistant Regional Commissioners (Adult Training) today. If you want to read the details you can read the email here, or have a chat with your Training Manager. We’ll continue to share more information, as these changes are made.

One key change that will happen at the start of June is that you and your deputies will be able to validate a member's safety and safeguarding training on Compass. To validate a member, they’ll need to share their completed e-learning certificate with you, and you can then update their record for their safety or safeguarding mandatory ongoing learning. This will help support our great local training teams and the central pool of volunteers to get members’ records validated as quickly as possible helping to increase the rate of compliance. If you need guidance on how to update records, find support here.


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