Update on the Walk to the Moon Campaign

Posted by  Neil  May 26, 2020

Update on the Walk to the Moon Campaign

May 26, 2020 at 6:30 AM

Thanks to Scouts all over the UK, we’ve hiked not just the 240,000 miles to the moon but the incredible 440,000-mile journey to the moon and back! We’ve raised over £340,000, with another £32,000 raised through badge sales, and with the government matching the funds, we’ll contribute over £700,000 to BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief.

We’ve been so inspired to see that moon fever swept the movement and Scouts stepped up to help others in need. This is one of those galvanising moments, where we’ll look back in the years to come and be proud to say…I was a part of that.


Tim Kidd, our UK Chief Commissioner, talks about how proud he is to be a Scout - we hope you are too.


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