Getting Started

As a new leader in Scouting you will start your training by undertaking the modules which we refer to as the 'Getting Started' modules. These modules are module 1, 2 & 3 or 4 for Line Managers and need to be completed within your first 5 months in Scouting so that your full warrant can be issued.

To help you plan and validate these modules you will be allocated a Training Advisor who can guide you through your learning process. The Leaders Training Guide gives you a list of what is required for each module.

A copy of the Managers Training Guide can be found at Managers Training Guide and the Managers Learning Plan can be found at Managers PLP

Your Group Scout Leader is responsible for helping you achieve your training so ask then for their help when you need it.

These modules are delivered within your District Contact the ADC(AT). 


Once you have completed the 'Getting Started' modules your TA will help you to identify the training for the relevant modules and will carry out the validations as required to achieve your Wood Beads. 

Wood Beads.png


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